Don’t Keep a Notebook

By all means, have a notebook at all times. Record your dreams. Write prayers and poetry. Doodle. Brainstorm. Journal. Take notes. Then be sensible about what to do with the resulting fruit.

With work, I turn the notes into action items on my calendar, or record them somewhere appropriate on my computer and then tear out that piece of paper and throw it away. Notebooks do not index well.

At home, I’ll keep the notebooks for a while, reference ideas and re-visit dreams. Then occasionally I will purge them completely. When new seasons come, it’s a good time to release what we’ve left behind by allowing our old ideas to blow away.

Dear page, remember when you were a tree?
Let me add my fruit to you, and once again you’ll be.
I’ll be sure to harvest, before the fruit is ripe.
Then you’ll shed your leaves, when the season’s by.