On Tea

I’m diving into tea a little.

I have always loved tea, and then I took a break from caffeinated kinds prior to getting pregnant with Kate. In recent months, while experimenting with Intermittent Fasting, I have learned that the caffeine (and catechins, antioxidants) in green and black tea help suppress the hunger hormone, ghrelin (yes, like my stomach is “ghrelin”…!), and help you burn fat, along with other health benefits. So I’m back on the caffeine. You’re welcome, Kate, for the hiatus.

To access the plethora of health benefits from tea, you must drink at least 3 cups a day of tea, according to the Harvard School of Public Health. I have heard other sources say even more tea is needed in our diets. So my new favorite is Pique Tea. They are serious about tea for health, especially gut health, which I (and many others believe) is the foundation for the health of the rest of our bodies. Their home page details the primary health benefits, and if you read on, it explains why they cold-brew their organic tea, and skip the tea bag. The little crystal packets are so convenient, and I love that I feel I am making a difference in my health by pouring them into a cup of hot water.

Pique’s blog has a tremendous amount of helpful health information. Here is a whole post on gut health; it’s as complete as a well balanced meal with fermented vegetables. I highly recommend!

That’s all for now, I have some tea crystals to liquidate.

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