I’m Dreaming of a Brown Paper Christmas

On December 23rd, this is how my craft room (affectionately called “the bead room” looked).

A mirror of my mind after 23 days of client well wishing, negotiating annual media campaigns, shopping, listing and planning. A jumbly-bumbly mishmash of mess.

Mid-way through the morning of wrapping, I had a vision.  Brown paper, in a roll. Accessorize with craft supplies I already have, like pipe cleaners, construction paper, stamps/ink, and ribbon. Be done.  Pleasing to the eyes, simple for the soul.

This vision involves the dear concept of using resources wisely, as opposed to constantly consuming. This concept always makes me feel creative and connected, but I only seem to remember it when I am sitting still.  In the middle of rushing around in the outside world, it seems more convenient just to buy an extra birthday bag even if you have 10 at home, to get that $1.99 roll of wrapping paper.

More to come on Simplicity. The Canton Friends Quaker website talks about five basic principles they call “testimonies.” Simplicity, Peace, Integrity, Community, Equality. SPICE.  I haven’t been to one of their meetings yet, but I like them already.

How else can we simplify the holiday season? I wonder if you could get gifts for your entire list at one bookstore…