Why Blog?

“What you do is of little significance, but it is very important that you do it.”

Mahatma Gandhi

“Blog” – the word – has never pleased my ears. It seems not only to sound like, but to represent, something gross and uncouth. The hubris of these hoards of people spouting off their thoughts for all the world to hear, and who is listening?

Well, if I stick with this “web log,” it will become evident that my mind is on the changeable side. On the subject of blogging, Seth Godin led me to change it.

I just discovered Seth Godin listening to one of my recent steadies – “On Being” with Krista Tippett. I prefer her unedited cuts on podcast. After researching Godin it seems I could be embarrassed to admit that I just found him. However Godin himself said in the interview that people in public rarely recognize him, happily illustrating one of his critical contributions: “Mainstream” is becoming an archaic term. We have so many choices on how to connect that we are bound to miss plenty of “big” stuff, so embrace the diversity and contribute to it if you dare.

An aside: Thank God we do not depend on the major media outlets to provide all our information anymore.

I haven’t since read all of Godin’s books, but did listen to the audio of “Poke the Box.” He says to be an initiator. Start something. Do something that makes you uncomfortable. Something that matters.

Here I am. It makes me uncomfortable sharing my private thoughts in public, whether in person or online. But my private thoughts concern universal matters that plenty of people see fit to write about. Mind, Body, and Spirit issues. Natural health. Tea. Yoga. Nature. Faith. Food. Technology. History. Freedom. Time. Money. Marketing. Parenting. Education. Creativity. Service.

I process so much information related to these matters, that perhaps I just want to have a place to catalouge my reactions to what I take in, to track the ever-evolving focus of my passions.

But it’s more than that. I live in the Bible Belt, sell for a Fortune 50 corporation, and generally fit in with the “mainstream.” Therefore I have fewer people with whom to talk about the deep stuff than I would like. So at Godin’s behest – I am not only seeking expression, but connection.

I now realize, it matters not if I reach a mass audience. It is inevitable that plenty will disagree. It is not about being “followed.” It is about contributing. If one person comes across one thing I say that helps them grow in consciousness, then I have served. If I connect with one person or idea based on this blog that helps me grow in consciousness, then good for me.

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